In this episode, I talk with Erin English about redefining preschool ministry. Erin walks through what preschool ministry looked like at her church in previous years, how they shifted their focus to be on relationships and the gospel, and how she helped her team and ministry make that transition.

Erin English

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Westside Family Church


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Redefining Preschool Ministry at Westside

  1. Emphasis on small group relationships and the gospel
  2. Created a separate large group environment with a clubhouse set
  3. Hosted a Lead Small Training using Orange content
  4. Shared with volunteers about the preschool phase and the importance of relationships
  5. Previewed new large group time for leaders & cast the vision for them to be present during large group
  6. Picked best two SGLs and cleared out their classrooms
  7. Tried bare space with small groups for a month
  8. Cleared out all of the classrooms

Typical Preschool Morning at Westside

  1. Ten minutes of small group time
  2. Go to large group with host that introduces story and a song
  3. Leave large group and return to small groups for application activities

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