In this episode, I talk with Family Pastor, Lisette Fraser, about what family ministry looks like in a multi-ethnic church. We talk about building a multi-ethnic family ministry, the questions and conversations surrounding that, and the kingdom perspective that drives all of us to seek out and worship with people who are different than us. Lisette also shares about their discipleship strategy, birth-18, and gives us the inside scoop on a 7-week camp that they run as a church.

Lisette Fraser

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Orange City Strategy

Waking up Stories of Jesus and Race and Reconciliation

Cornerstones & Milestones (PDF)

Cornerstones & Milestones Documentation (PDF)

Action Items

  1. Download Waking up Stories of Jesus and Race and Reconciliation and evaluate where your church is in terms of being multi-ethnic, representing the community and the kingdom of God
  2. Ask: How can you serve and reach your community?
  3. Work on your discipleship pathway

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