In this episode, Kenny Conley and Kevin Monahan host a panel discussion of NextGen leaders centered around the question, “Should I stay or go?” In ministry, we are constantly evaluating where God has us, and where he is calling us. We want to be prayerful, seek wisdom, and ask good questions in discerning this. These leaders, who have made decisions to stay and go in different seasons, share great insight and helpful tools for wrestling with this question.

NextGen Leaders

Kevin Monahan from 12Stone Church

Kenny Conley from Mission Community Church

Gina McClain from Cross Point Church

John Huber from Westside Family Church

Jim Murphy from The NextGen Blog

Links Mentioned in This Episode

3 Questions to Ask

  1. Has leadership or the vision changed?
  2. Has my job changed?
  3. Can I still lead or be led here?
Stay or Go? – Jim Wideman's survey to help you discern whether or not you should stay or go in ministry
A Tale of Three Kings – Gene Edwards breaks down the stories of three kings from the Bible and offers practical, helpful teaching on brokenness and humility
7 Signs It’s Time to LeaveBlog post by Carey Nieuwhof
When It Is Time To Go – Blog post by Kenny Conley
Dear Pastor: Stay Where You Are – Blog post by Sam Luce

Action Items

  1. Check out the resources above if you are considering the question, “Should I stay or should I go?

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