In this episode, I talk with author and pastor, Chap Clark. Chap has written many books and taught extensively on how to create church that will reach the next generation. He and I have a conversation about his new book, Adoptive Church. Chap shares a lot of wisdom and practical steps churches can take to create environments where the next generation is not just taught faith, but is given a a place to belong and adopted into a family of faith.

Chap Clark

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4 Steps to Creating an Adoptive Church

  1. Get senior leadership to buy in
  2. Agree on language and put words around creating an adoptive environment
  3. Look at your structures and staffing and ask: What is our goal?
  4. Have conversations that carefully evaluate the first 3 steps

Action Items

  1. Read the book, Adoptive Church
  2. Develop action steps from the book, based on your church and your ministry

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