In this episode, I talk with Craig Cable of Group Publishing. Craig oversees the publishing of different ministry resources, and also has experience in safety and security. He is now leading an initiative church security, and helps train ministry leaders on how to create safe environments. Craig talks about common mistakes he sees churches make, best practices leaders can have in place to be proactive, and how to begin implementing a plan for security at your church.

Craig Cable

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Group Publishing

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Common Risks We Miss

  • Slips and falls
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Theft, burglary, and/or vandalism
  • Medical incidents

Developing a Plan for Church Security

  • Get leadership buy-in
  • Determine a person or group of people to run point and be responsible for the plan
  • Budget for background checks and re-screening
  • Never leave a child alone with an adult
  • Require training (with scenario training)  for volunteers
  • Be proactive about having conversations concerning domestic disputes

Assessments for Church Security

Safe & Secure Church Training Kit

Action Items

  1. List the things Craig talked about and use them as an audit for your church. Ask: What do we not have in place?
  2. Check out the assessments
  3. Look through the Safe & Secure Church Training Kit
  4. Have a conversation about church security with the rest of your staff

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