In this episode, I break down the 5-part strategy my church uses to partner with parents. I walk through these five steps, talk about what they look like practically – week to week, and month to month – for us. I also draw a roadmap, detailing how churches can begin to take steps toward partnering with parents, while not doing it all at once. The ultimate goal of parent partnership is to help parents take one step in leading their child spiritually. I hope that this 5-part strategy helps you do that.

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Links Mentioned in this Episode

A Strategy for Partnering with Parents Ministry Boost Course

5-Part Strategy for Partnering with Parents Notes

5-Part Strategy for Partnering with Parents PPT

Key Things to Acknowledge when Partnering with Parents

  1. Parents have the most influence in the life of their child
  2. Partnering with parents is critical
  3. Every parent is not in the same stage in their parenting or in their faith
  4. Partnering always feels like “extra” because it's not “always coming” like Sunday is

5-Part Strategy for Partnering with Parents

  1. Communication
  2. Resources
  3. Events
  4. Small Group Leaders
  5. Community for Parents

Resources for Parents

Roadmap for Partnering with Parents

  1. Milemarker 1 – Communication & small group leaders
  2. Milemarker 2 – Transitions & resources
  3. Milemarker 3 – Milestone events
  4. Milemarker 4 – Small groups and classes for parents
  5. Milemarker 5 – Parent & marriage ministry

Milemarkers Based on Church Size

  • Under 200 – Milemarker 1
  • 200-400 – Milemarkers 1 & 2
  • 400-600 – Milemarkers 1, 2 & 3
  • 600-1500 – Milemarkers 1-4
  • Over 1500 – Milemarkers 1-5

Tim Keller – Church Size Culture Article

Free Resources from my site (including our kindergarten transition docs)

Ministry Boost Parent Child Dedication Webinar (replay)

Action Items

  1. Assess where you currently are in terms of partnering with parents
  2. Determine what milemarker you need to get to and map out steps to get there

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