In this episode, I talk with Matt Morgan about milestones and transition events for families. Matt shares the 6 milestones that his church not only celebrates with parents, but equips them for. Essentially, at each milestone, they offer a seminar style class to equip parents for the next phase ahead, and have a ceremony to celebrate the child. Matt walks us through the classes, seminars, and resources they offer and talks through what each of those celebrations looks like.

Matt Morgan

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Fellowship Bible Church


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Links Mentioned in this Episode

Nothing Less – Jana MacGruder talks about how to engage kids for a lifetime of faith

6 Milestone and Transition Events

  1. Baby Dedication
  2. Bible Presentation
  3. Baptism
  4. Preparing for Adolescence
  5. Rite of Passage
  6. Graduation

Milestone and Transition Events Resources

ESV Grow Bible

Following Jesus Bible

I Will Praise You Art Journal for Kids

I Will Thank You Art Journal for Kids

Action Items

  1. Ask yourself: What is one milestone you already do that you can approve?
  2. Ask yourself: What is a milestone you are not currently doing? Can you take steps to add that in the coming year?

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