In this episode, I talk with Steven Knight about how to recruit volunteers. Steven talks about some boosts they do throughout the year and then gets really practical with the steps we need to be taking each week to build relationships and connect with potential volunteers. We then dive into what it looks like to create a great culture to serve in and how to retain those volunteers.

Steven Knight

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How to Find Volunteers for Ministry – FREE ebook on volunteer recruitment

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Recruiting Email Template for Kids Ministry

5 Practical Ways to Recruit Volunteers for the Volunteer Equation

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Preparing to Recruit Volunteers

  1. Make a list of absolute needs
  2. Make a list of roles you need if you want to grow your team
  3. Create job descriptions and training processes to equip volunteers well
  4. Create a community culture on your team

Ways to Recruit Volunteers

  1. Make personal asks
  2. Find ways to continue to build relationships with people outside of your circles
  3. Create first-serve opportunities
  4. Lean into different times of the year to recruit – The start of school, beginning of the year, and summer kick off
  5. Highlight current volunteers and encourage them to share their stories
  6. Encourage your team to invite people to serve alongside them

GroupMe – FREE texting app you can use for volunteers

Action Items

  1. Make a list of how many volunteers you need; how many you need to survive; and how many you need to grow. 
  2. Download the ebook and determine 2-3 steps you can take this month to recruit volunteers.
  3. Block off time every week this month to recruit and spend time with potential volunteers.

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