In this episode, I talk with Jason Tilley about creativity in ministry. Jason walks through seven steps he uses to solve problems, create things from scratch, or improve something that already exists. He then takes us through practical examples and gives tips for each of the steps to help you be more successful in the process.

Jason Tilley

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7 Steps to Creativity in Ministry

  1. Believe you’re creative
  2. Fill your creative tank
  3. Choose what your challenge is
  4. Assemble a team
  5. Find your solution
  6. Start small
  7. Make your choice

Action Items

  1. Take the 7 steps and think about something you want to change, add, or improve in your ministry
  2. Apply it to that one thing this month, and build a team to carry out the plan.
  3. Come back and evaluate how the creative process worked and then make changes as needed

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