In this episode, I talk with Preteen Pastor, Zach Matchett about creating environments for preteens. Zach talks about his vision for creating spaces for preteens to be in awe of who God is. He also talks about the importance of creating community for preteens, combining their spiritual and social lives in the late elementary/early middle school. Zach also walks through the program and structure at his church, talks about how he has built their preteen ministry, what they do week to week, and how they equip their leaders.

Zach Matchett

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Northview Church

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Links Mentioned in this Episode

Caught in Between Dan Scott explores the keys to preteen ministry

Lead SmallFive essentials for leading a small group

Lead Small Tool Kit – Practical ways for leaders to live out the five essentials in Lead Small

Northview Church Preteen Ministry Programming

  1. Show stupid video of the week
  2. MC welcomes everyone
  3. Set up vision for time together: We learn about God, make good friends, and have fun
  4. Group game
  5. Table time – Opening discussion questions, preteens share highlight of their week and do icebreaker questions
  6. Worship time led by student worship team
  7. Message (15-20 min of teaching content)
  8. Closing small group time
  9. Dismissal

Action Items

  1. Check out the Caught in Between workshops with Dan Scott (email me at and get the book
  2. Pick one thing you could start doing to make the experience of preteens unique and make a plan to implement it

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