In this episode, I talk with Becky Rydman about how to reach your community by partnering with schools. Becky shares what is at the core of this partnership – relationships – and talks about how she got plugged into her local school and how churches in her area have made an impact in the school system.

Becky Rydman

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McCord Road Church

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Steps to Partnering with Schools

  1. Get in the school
  2. Build a relationship with the principal
  3. Establish a relationship with the school guidance counselor
  4. Volunteer and show up
  5. Attend parent organization meetings
  6. Ask what the felt needs are

Organizations to Help in Partnering with Schools

Action Items

  1. Pick one school where your church already has influence, or a greater potential to influence, and start a partnership. Reach out and talk to someone at the school and ask what the needs are and how the church could serve them.
  2. Gather parents and use them to brainstorm how to partner with schools.

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