In this episode, I talk with Beth Guckenberger about Back2Back Ministries, the story and vision behind it, and how church leaders can help kids and students have a heart for the nations. We also talk about her unique communication style and how she seamlessly weaves stories, vision, and a call to action together.

Beth Guckenberger

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Back2Back Ministries

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Links Mentioned in this Episode


The Tales Books

5 Point Child Development Plan

  1. Physical Needs
  2. Emotional Needs
  3. Spiritual Needs
  4. Educational Needs
  5. Social Needs

3 Communication Points

  1. God’s story
  2. My story
  3. Audience story

Action Items

  1. Check out Back2Back Ministries
  2. Listen to one of Beth's teachings and apply her storytelling to your own communication

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