In this episode, I talk with my friend Will Hutcherson about his new organization, Youth Leadership Collective. This non-profit was born out of a desire to help educators and parents heal despair in teenagers. They are all about bringing hope to students in youth ministries, in schools, and in our communities through relationships and teaching. Whether you work with kids or students, these principles apply across the board and are helpful as we seek to partner with parents and schools.

Will Hutcherson

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Links Mentioned in this Episode

Episode 054: Partnering With Parents With Will Hutcherson

Youth Leadership Collective – Non-profit all about helping educators and parents heal despair in teenagers

Soul Keeping by John Ortberg

An Invitation to Solitude and Silence by Ruth Barton

Psychology of Attunement

  • Eye contact
  • Conversation
  • Appropriate physical contact


  • A – Attend – Be present and show up randomly
  • T – Time
  • T – Tone – Self-care for parents
  • U – Unplugging – Creating boundaries with smartphones
  • N – Notice – Looking beyond the physical or what they may be portraying
  • E – Eye contact

3 Steps for Parents When Teens are in Despair

  1. Say “I love you.”
  2. Thank them for being brave and trusting you.
  3. Ask: “Is it okay if we get help together?”

Action Items

  1. Learn more about bringing hope to students and parents
  2. Reach out to Will for more information on what he does
  3. Connect with schools in your area and invite Will to do an assembly on hope for the students

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