In this episode, I talk with Dan Doerksen about team structure and aligning your Next Gen and family ministry teams. Dan talks about the different approaches leaders take to their teams, and what has happened on his team since he started taking a structural approach. We also have a conversation about how most church ministries and teams are built on age groups, and he walks through how he has re-structured based on function and gift sets.

Dan Doerksen

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Links Mentioned in this Episode

Episode 006: Cindy Fiala on the Family Ministry Model and Women in Leadership

4 Frames Leaders View Organizations Through

  1. Human Resource Frame
  2. Symbolic Frame
  3. Political Frame
  4. Structural Frame

Strat Op

The Four Disciplines of Execution

7 Practices of Effective Ministry


Think Orange

Lead Small 

5 Essentials of Orange

  1. Integrate strategy
  2. Refine the message
  3. Reactivate the family
  4. Elevate community
  5. Leverage influence

Sustainable Church pt. 1: Ministry Systems (blog post)

Action Items

  1. Evaluate your volunteer and staff structure. Are you based on department or age group? Or function and gift sets?
  2. Check out Dan's blog
  3. Draw an org chart for what your ministry would need to look like to double in size

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