Church event planning is complex. Regardless of the event, if you simply made a checklist of everything we need to do in order to pull off a successful event, it would be a long list. There are multiple phases to it as well, such as planning, promoting, leading, and follow up. I can't cover that all here, but I wanted to share a free resource I created: Planning Church Events: 15 Best Practices for planning, leading, and promoting events at your church.

This is a list of best practices (in my opinion) that every church leader should follow when planning an event at their church. This list comes from my experience attending church events my whole life, as well as from creating and leading events as a NextGen Pastor. In some ways, these best practices are a fix for various pet peeves I’ve experienced in attending or planning events. I know when I attend an event, one of the last things I want to experience is frustration. I’d rather not experience frustration in planning one either.

I hope this resource will help you with your church event planning. Also, click here to check out my post on the 15 Ways to Promote Your Next Church Event for a Better Turnout.