In this episode, David Maddron walks us through the difficult journey of losing a child. I also ask David about the steps he now takes to help those around him within the church and community that have experienced similar loses.

David Maddron

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Asher's Rainbow Site

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Made Known Resource

How can a church help during a crisis or loss?

  1. Ministry leaders – be prepared when someone under your care goes through the loss of a child; some people may not know what to say.
    • Unintentionally hurtful things
    • False empathy
  2. Be aware during “earmark” events that would have happened in the life of that child and family.
    • Bring other families alongside them during these seasons, especially those who have experienced the same type of loss
  3. Train people to be really good listeners.
    • Help the families going through this tragedy and the phases of grief that their feelings are valid (anger, depression, etc.)
    • Grief Share is a great program for people to join
    • Made Known Event
  4. Don't overuse your voice or your influence.
    • Be sensitive
    • Give families space
    • Help them grieve and mend in a healthy manner

Action Items

  1. Train people what to say
  2. Find people who have been there
  3. Check out Made Known

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