In this episode, Tony Kummer shares the findings from a unique survey of Christian volunteers and leaders within the church about the faith of the next generation. This survey focused on how they came to faith, the key factors of their faith development and how the church can help the faith stick.

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5 Key Findings from the Survey

  1. Childhood is when most people find Jesus
  2. Parents had the most overwhelming impact in regard to their faith
  3. Children’s ministry is still important (camp, VBS, etc.)
  4. The reason people are doing kids ministry is the Jesus loved kids
  5. We need one another

What makes faith sticky?

    • Weekly Bible reading
    • Participation in service projects or missions trips
    • Sharing faith with unbelievers
    • Parents asking for forgiveness
    • Encouraging a child’s unique talents
    • Families taking annual family vacations together
    • Attending a church that emphasizes Bible teaching
    • Families that actively tithed

Action Items

  1. See the survey results
  2. Remind your team of 4/14
  3. Survey parents of your kids/students

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