In this episode, Linda Ranson Jacobs shares her experience with serving and ministering to single parents and families of divorce. After experiencing divorce and life as a single parent, Linda has gained both personal and ministerial insight into how the local church can partner with more families.

Linda Ranson Jacobs

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Linda's Book – The Single Parent: Confident and Successful

Questions to ask when there are behavioral challenges:

  • Who brought the child into your ministry?
  • What mood was the child in when they arrived?
  • What caused the altercation that prompted the challenging situation?

Helpful hints when working with children in divorced/single-parent homes:

  • Let kids talk about their blended family at church
  • Ask about both parents
  • Let them know you see their situation and they are not alone
  • Help them know that divorce is not their fault
  • Create a safe space – tell them “You are safe here.”

What are some things church leaders should know about partnering with parents in a unique way?

  • Pastors need to be aware that not all families are not nuclear families
  • Pray hard, especially when you hear about a potential divorce
  • Go to the parent and ask how you can help (offer to go to games together, or attend concerts at school)
  • Offer to babysit
  • Take the family out for a meal

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  2. Her book for single parents
  3. Check out

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