In this episode, Jody Livingston and Chris Trent from the Longer Haul Podcast talk about big ideas that help create an environment for family ministry alignment under different youth ministry models. Also, with decades of combined experience, the three of us discuss what steps leaders can take to produce ministries that cooperate and align teams to partner with parents.

Longer Haul Youth Ministry Podcast

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Topics to consider within youth/family ministry:

  • Curriculum scope and sequence
  • Weekly programming and service schedule
  • Family Ministry model – does it point to longevity?
    • Average tenure for youth ministry leaders is low; two factors:
      • the hiring church is not open about what they really want
      • the person being hired is not open about what they really want
    • “If” we view ministry with a long-term mentality

Notes for the Youth Ministry leader:

  • Observe often and see what kids and students are looking for
  • Celebrate victories in all family ministry environments, not just youth ministry
  • Find a place/church you would attend, even if you are not on staff (don't settle… make sure it's the right fit)
  • No church is perfect; you may not always agree on everything
  • If you can make it to year 4 or 5 in one place, it gets good

Action Items

  1. Evaluate your family ministry
  2. Set a meeting with the other part
  3. Create a plan to align

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