In this episode, Kenny Conley dives into three hacks for effectively onboarding volunteers within your family ministry and answers questions about having a successful volunteer orientation. This is the second part of a six-session series from an online event called Volunteer Bootcamp, hosted by Ministry Boost.

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Volunteer Bootcamp

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3 Hacks for Volunteer Onboarding

  • Hack One: Stop Recruiting
    • If the odds are against you, change the game
    • It’s to easy for someone to tell you “no.” Instead, invite them to an experience where it’s easy to say “yes.”
      • Recruit them to an orientation (it’s easy to say “yes” to come to an orientation – 1-hour time commitment)
      • Create a compelling environment in your orientation where all the benefits of serving far outweigh the negatives


  • Hack Two: Double Your Potential
    • To double the number of potential volunteers, simply double the number of volunteer orientations
    • Few churches do orientations more than once a month. Here’s the problem with this frequency (infrequency rather)
      • They get sick
      • Their kids get sick
      • They have things come up
      • They forget


  • Hack Three: Host a Volun-TOUR
    • **The BEST way to engage potential volunteers is to have them GET UP and take a walk.
    • Don’t just talk to potential volunteers. Give them a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most exciting things happening at your church. Why?
      • Tours are personal
      • Everyone loves a tour
      • People learn differently, tours engage everyone differently
      • Tours are really easy to pull off well


    • When recruiting someone to serve, they have a lot of questions. But tours help resolve the unknown in two very important ways:
      • Tours give potentials an opportunity to see what ministry actually looks like
      • Tours give potentials an opportunity to imagine themselves serving in the ministry

Action Items

  1. Get Pipeline course
  2. Start an orientation monthly
  3. Hold a “volunTOUR”

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