In this episode, we hear from Paula Dannielle on the power of creating a strategy for encouraging volunteers and creating space to do this every week. This is the third part of a six-session series from an online event called Volunteer Bootcamp, hosted by Ministry Boost.

Paula Dannielle

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Volunteer Bootcamp

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Volunteer Bootcamp Webinar

Ideas for Encouraging Volunteers

Idea One: Make sure they are seen

  • Each of them should be known by name
    • This may not be a staff member, but this could be a ministry lead, coach, etc.
  • Get personal
    • During huddles, take time to celebrate
    • Acknowledge prayer requests
    • Be sure they are greeted when they arrive and when they leave and at least once during their service hour
  • VALUE: People can feel invisible during the week with all the things we have to do; help them feel seen with something they don’t have to do, but they want to do.

Idea Two: Be sure they are known

  • Each of your volunteers should be confident that you know they have a life outside of volunteering each weekend
    • Leaders need to know they are connected to the vision of the church, regardless of their circumstances
    • Take into consideration the unique “family makeup” of each volunteer
      • Single parents
      • Parents with multiple kids
      • Parents of kids with special needs
      • Health challenges
  • VALUE: When volunteers know they are cared for outside of their time serving, they will feel encouraged and feel like part of a community and a team

Idea Three: Tell them/their Stories

  • Tell stories as far back and as recent as possible
  • Examples of ways to tell stories:
    • Storytelling wall with volunteers’ pictures on the wall
    • Stories of life transformation written on cards on the wall
    • Encourage stories with Communications Team; record these stories and share with people in the church
    • Use huddles
    • Use storyboards
    • Use social media – “Visual images paint 1,000 words”
    • Use names with stories
  • VALUE: Stories give inspiration and tangible results that their work is not in vain, and stories encourage volunteer

Action Items

  1. Do a 5 under 5 or What floats your boat
  2. Write a note each week in 2020
  3. Text 5 volunteers this week

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