In this episode, Dan Scott shares his experience of providing consistent and ongoing training for volunteers that produces excellence and unity for ministry teams. This is the fourth part of a six-session series from an online event called Volunteer Bootcamp, hosted by Ministry Boost.

Dan Scott

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Volunteer Bootcamp

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Volunteer Bootcamp Webinar

Ideas for Strategically Training Volunteers

Annual Training: global to all volunteers

Quarterly: targeted training for specific volunteers

Monthly: huddles for volunteers on a monthly/weekly basis

  • Curriculum updates and encouragements
  • Small group training
  • Event communication
  • Monthly Coach's Training
    • In this model, coaches are delegated the communication of vision, information, and training during weekly/monthly huddles with their teams

Ongoing Evaluation: a process for evaluating volunteers’ effectiveness

  • “The worst thing you could do is only meet with volunteers when something is wrong.”
  • Utilize conversation for both encouragement and coaching
  • In regard to Large Group, record a service and allow team members to self-evaluate
  • Resource coaches with what they need to have one-on-ones with their teams to reflect and evaluate

**The idea is that training is not just sporadic information, it’s strategic conversation about upcoming ministry events or focuses. Create a consistent and constant culture of training.

Action Items

  1. Create a 1-year plan
  2. Try out TrainedUp – (Discount code: BOOST10)
  3. Start huddles

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