In this episode, Greg Stier explains how a youth ministry can be mobilized towards evangelism and become an active movement within the local church. Between parents and leaders, the next generation needs to be directed and empowered to share their faith and dare to believe Him for life-change in others.

Greg Stier

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A little about Dare 2 Share:

  • Early on – Dare2Share Weekend Conferences
    • Friday-Saturday
  • Now: Live Simulcast
    • 126 cities in one day
    • Dare2Share Live – 10.10.2020
    • Inspiration – Motivation – Application – Activation
  • Curriculum for Student Ministries
  • Lead the Cause Camps
  • Apps

How do students overcome the FEAR of evangelism?
  • Inspiration
    • Share the WHY behind sharing faith – eternal significance
    • Gen Z does not have a context for “hellfire and brimstone”
  • Tell them “How” to share
    • Ask
    • Admire
    • Admit
    • Gospel presented through their personal story
  • Choose a way to care for people AND share the gospel
  • If you're not risking a social death, then you're not really growing

What has changed in youth ministry since D2S started? (methods and practices)
  • Everything has changed – social media and being in a post-Christian nation
  • But in some ways, nothing has changed
    • teenagers are seeking a king, a cause, and a crew
    • the gospel doesn't change, but it's not the front door (having to explain the meta-narrative)
  • Teenagers that are equipped to have face-to-face conversations become “like flowers for bees” – people want to flock toward them

Encouragements for leaders and volunteers
  • Focus on advancing the gospel
  • Program your services accordingly
  • Youth Ministries need to have more time
    • Prayer Time
    • Story-telling Time
    • Equipping Time
  • Have a set of values for volunteers
    • Volunteers should set the bar for the students as someone who grows in their faith, shares their faith, and is making disciples

Action Items

  1. Check out Dare 2 Share
  2. Teach students practical evangelism
  3. One person you can invite

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