In this episode, Sean Sweet shares about preteen ministry and his specific experience helping his own church develop a thriving preteen ministry. Sean also gives some specific insight into FourFiveSix, a ministry of Destiny Church in Rocklin, CA, focused on community, training, and resources for preteen leaders around the nation.

Sean Sweet

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What is

  • Community, Training platform, Resources
  • Letting go of the bike and giving ownership to preteen's faith
    • Ready developmentally, but not experientially
    • Minister to them for who they are, rather than just keeping them in a holding pattern
    • Help them begin thinking about taking their first faith steps
  • Podcast of 4,5, or 6 minutes
    • 360 episodes (goal to have 456)
  • 3-year Scope and Sequence curriculum designed for preteens
  • Summer VBS option for preteens
  • Peer Groups for preteen ministry leaders
  • Online Conference (Onference) annually
  • Launch-inar

How does preteen ministry bridge the gap from Kids to Student Ministry?

  • Middle School/Junior High Pastors typically want to hop right in and ride alongside the students, but kids are typically just told “about the bike”; so preteen ministry allows for preteens to learn “how to ride”
  • Children's ministries can be stronger and focus on the younger age groups
  • Youth ministries can now focus on the awkwardness of kids moving right into students
  • **Great idea… 30-week preteen leadership/discipleship program

How do you structure services?

  • No small groups on Sunday; small groups on Wednesdays
  • Easier for preteens to invite to a mid-week

Action Items

  1. Check out
  2. Do a Zoom call w/ preteens in this season
  3. Create a preteen plan

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