Here are some of my favorite points and quotes from the 2020 Orange Conference.

Kristen Ivy

  • The grace you give yourself changes everything
  • Become all things to all people
  • Paul was suggesting we need to understand people first
  • It’s hard to give people hope before knowing why they need hope
  • Understand their perspective


Simon Sinek

  • How are we going to adapt our model to these new times?
  • There’s an opportunity if we are willing to change
  • Change actually highlights what doesn’t change
  • Crisis gets us out of the weeds
  • There’s no such thing as winning in education or your marriage
  • There is an explosion trying to find belonging
  • We can debate the route but the destination must be shared
  • This younger generation is more of an activist generation


Danielle Strickland

  • “No one can stop an idea whose time has come.” – Winnie Mandela
  • Every revolution has an idea
  • There are three components which make a revolution:
    • 1. An incredible idea at the right time
    • 2. A catalytic leader with a supportive community
    • 3. A mechanism to communicate the original message
  • The greatest revolutionary leader of all-time is Jesus
  • Love is a revolution
  • The idea is that God is love and you are loved by God
  • There is no stopping this revolution because it’s based on love
  • I cannot over-estimate the loving qualities of God
  • Love invites us to know the truth about their own limitations but also a great power than us – Jesus
  • Love empowers us the be the revolution the world definitely needs
  • We’ve spent an entire generation trying to convince people that Jesus is God
  • Now is the revolutionary time to convince people God is love


Andy Stanley

  • What’s the faith of the next generation worth?
  • The faith of the next generation is worth everything
  • Churches without a plan for the next generation are not great churches
  • Churches that have a plan for the next generation generally do better
  • The churches who are fully invested in the next generation have more resources and have better leaders
  • Organize your church toward the next generation in terms of budgeting, staffing, and everything else
  • Organizations are dumb – they do what they are organized to do
  • Love is their ethic, but it’s loosely and conveniently defined
  • Frame the invitation into a dynamic faith around an invitation to follow Jesus
  • This is about changing language, not changing your faith
  • Love is our common ground
  • What does love require of me?