In this episode, Dr. Terry Linhart shares some of his experiences with teaching in youth ministry as well as thoughts from his book The Self-Aware Leader. From years of ministry experience in the local church and as a faculty member at Bethel University, Terry is able to speak to the current state of teaching in youth ministry as well how self-awareness effects those leading in family ministry.

Dr. Terry Linhart

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Talking about being self-aware:

  • People develop patterns and preferences over time; we just need to be open to identifying these things
  • Dramatic identity stages in the 20s – and it's hard to get them all together
    • singles
    • married people
    • those who went to college and those who did not
    • people with kids
  • Areas where there is a common lack of self-awareness
    • People who are forward-thinking/moving tend to have a harder time looking back and seeing and helping those around them
    • Barna Data: approximately 7 our of 10 lead pastors tend to steer away from caring for their staff/teams
    • Must be careful not to become too similar to a CEO where you just move things forward
  • Emotions involved in self-awareness
    • When we have an emotional reaction to something, we should take a “reactions selfie”
    • Ask the questions: Why did I react that way?

The State of Teaching in Youth Ministry

  • Observations
    • Need for teaching to be rooted in discipleship
    • Need to be student-centered and lean more into the relational aspect of ministry
    • Concern – we can be all “minds-on” without being “hand-on” or “hearts-on”
  • Pivots student ministry leaders should make in regard to disciplining students
    • Consider art – program expressions of worship and enhance experiences through art/video/creative elements
    • Provide opportunities for your introverts
    • Teaching – teach in the 7s, vary what you do
      • Do 7 different things and change every 7 minutes
      • Virtually – program in the 7s, rather than full 30+ minute teachings
    • Link everything together
    • Something to consider… changing methods does not mean the quality of content changes as well (example: panel discussions)

Action Items

  1. Get the book, read it, and journal – The Self-Aware Leader
  2. Push creativity among students
  3. Q's to answer before teaching – Why should these people actively participate in this learning experience with me right now?

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