In this episode, Jeremy O'Neill gives us a quick look into Children's ministry of Sandals Church, a multisite church in Southern California that is producing a unique and original approach to the in-person and digital experience for kids and families. Jeremy also shares some of the things that are shaping Sandals Kids teams and leadership development.

Jeremy O'Neill

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Sandals Kids at 11 campuses:

  • Use a Small Group and Large Group model
  • Digital Storybook for preschool
  • Range from 70 kids to over 1,000 kids (2,000 across all campuses)
  • Content completely original for all kid's ministry
  • Created Roku app for devices on their campuses for Kid's content

  • This is where ALL content lives
  • A mixture of fun and serious
    • Youtube videos are mainly for fun
    • The platform is more for engaging content

What's going well at Sandals Church:

  • Measurement of everything
    • The return rate of attendees
    • Recognizing trends
  • Invite Events, Develop People, Serve Events
    • Schedule these strategically for families to adopt church as a part of their lives
  • Consider all your data (key audiences – survey them)
    • Volunteers
    • Parents
    • Kids (Idea: emoji survey)
    • Staff
  • Ask the hard questions
    • How are we doing? Is there a disconnect with how kids feel and how parents feel? What is working, what isn't, and where should we invest more of our energy?

What needs some work at Sandals:

  • Bringing people around the VISION
  • Address the gap in identifying potential leaders
    • Identify leadership levels (pipeline)
  • Simple Model for leadership development
    • Tasks
    • Projects
    • Role

Action Items

  2. Look at return rate – retention plan
  3. Sample survey or visit

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