In this episode, the founder of ServeHQ, Scott Magdalein, shares how he and his family are experiencing church at home and gives us an up-close look at how churches are using ServeHQ and TrainedUp. TrainedUp and HuddleUp are online training tools with hundreds of done-for-you training videos and simple tools to create your own.

Scott Magdalein

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Church at home:

  • Hopes for parents to own more of the spiritual discipleship due to COVID-19
  • Possibly will see more homeschooling as a result of COVID-19
  • Adjusting schedules for kids

Churches leaning in during COVID-19 and using TrainedUp:

  • Still focusing on New Member or Growth Track
  • Still focusing on Volunteer Training
  • Producing bible teaching videos for congregations rather than using social media


  • Outgoing messages and Ongoing conversations
  • Video updates via text messages
  • Great source of accountability for leaders and families
  • HuddleUp Chat – admins have full access to seeing conversations; they are private, yet visible for accountability
  • Rather than forcing through one platform, this allows communication through multiple platforms so everyone gets what they want (email, text, etc.)

Action Items

  1. Check out ServeHQ
  2. Check-in with a volunteer
  3. Map out your communication plan

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