In this episode, we get to listen in to an online event with Ally Evans and Will Hutcherson focusing on re-opening kidmin in the midst of COVID-19. Ally, NextGen Pastor at Life.Church, reopened their kid's ministry a few weeks ago and this interview with Will Hutcherson shares some helpful ideas for how to do this well.

Ally Evans and Will Hutcherson

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Initial Observations:

  • Not everyone is able to attend yet so kids ministry is not flooded
  • The number of volunteers coming back has matched the number of people coming back
  • People are prepared for precautions – they anticipate having to wait
  • After kids ministry opened, weekend attendance doubled

Creating a welcoming environment:

  • Fun and energetic; choose these people tactfully
  • Masks were optional (in Oklahoma)
  • Temp checks for kids
  • Contact free – no touching tags

What about hot-spots?

  • Follow directives from government
  • Pay attention to your community

How did you social distance kids?

  • We did not enforce social distancing for kids (again, lower numbers, so not as necessary)
  • Hand-sanitized frequently
  • Enhanced cleaning measures

Leading/training volunteers

  • Ministry leads (campus kids pastor) recorded a 2-minute video for each ministry area

**Listen to the full event for more insights from Ally and Will on family engagement, online content, student ministry, and more.

Action Items

  1. Download the LifeKids files
  2. Have a plan for high temp
  3. Make a plan to make it FUN

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