In this episode, Andrea Goslee shares some ideas for engaging and connecting with families online and how to provide unique experiences for kids and parents. The ministry she leads has seen an ongoing connection with preschool and elementary-aged kids, and they have some encouraging ideas as they move into a space of reopening and continuing online content.

Andrea Goslee

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Kid and Family Connection Opportunities:

  • Groups on Zoom
    • Leaders and kids in breakout rooms
    • Staff leading games to start
  • Online Preteen Camp (3-hour event)
    • Interactive activities
    • Contests
    • Google Drive “Escape Room”
    • Large group (pre-recorded campfire worship)
  • On-campus Drive-thru for leader connection
  • Radical Kindness
    • social media campaign – showing kindness to specific people/groups during the quarantine

How they are tracking connection:

  • Personally called families a couple of times during quarantine
  • List of all families/individuals – marked orange when they have attended something online, on-campus, or personally
  • 35% have been engaged

Parent Connection:

  • Parent Facebook Group
    • prompted parents/families to post pictures of an activity
    • posted polls for interaction
    • sometimes it's a hit or miss
  • Preschool Facebook Page – not a win 


Action Items

  1. Start tracking engagement
  2. Serve parents in August
  3. Check out New Digital Church

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