In this episode, Sam Collier shares some of the key ideas from his new book titled A Greater Story and shares the heart behind his approach to the recent pandemic. As Sam mentions, the realization that God is still working to rescue us from the chaos of life and He is revealing a greater story in all of us.

Sam Collier

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Response to COIVD-19:

  • Stop Managing Challenges vs. Start Finding Opportunities
  • Some will experience the lowest of lows and others will experience the highest of highs
  • Pivot and Innovate

New Book: A Greater Story

  • God is in the business of turning a mess into a miracle and bring order to the chaos

Key moments of faith:

  • Gave life to God at 16-yers old living with adoptive parents
  • Met bio-family after 25-years on the Steve Harvey Show
  • God is still working and rescuing us from the chaos


  • What you enter with, you leave with (if you enter with acceptance and love, you’ll leave with that)
  • Have a heart of gratitude
  • God has a greater story for all of us
  • If He doesn’t calm the storm, He always gives us the strength to make it through
  • If you are in the boat with the Creator, you’ll be OK

Action Items

  1. Don't manage challenge – find opportunities!
  2. Get the book – A Greater Story
  3. Attend A Greater Story LIVE

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