In this episode, we listen to a special interview from a webinar with Ally Evans from Life Church, focusing on a shift in family ministry strategy to thinking digital first. As churches regather, there may be a tendency to stop thinking of a digital strategy for NextGen, but leaders must consider online and on-campus options for families.

Ally Evans

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How to approach regathering from a digital perspective:

  • Mission and Vision has not changed
  • Methodology based on vision
    • Teach people
    • Connect people
    • Challenge people (to take next steps)
  • Reestablish the things that ARE NOT going to change, and leverage digital space with your regathering strategy

Doorways (specifically for students):

  • On-Campus Service (but not yet)
  • Serving in a ministry
  • Community Groups (groups being hosted in homes)
  • Church Online
  • Student Sections
  • Social Media

Kids Ministry regathered (in-person and digital):

  • Content has lived on Youtube since before COVID, packaged for at-home experiences
  • Stopped some content after they regathered; do not stop, keep some of these things going until people are fully back on campus
  • Think about your language

Talking about the great decline with online engagement – how to turn this around:

  • New Family Orientation Online to engage new families
  • Online burn-out is real; so the content must be relevant and compelling
  • Church online platform for kids being switched to engage the entire family
  • Offering online Life Groups – (Not a normal thing, but this is an example of trying new things to get more people engaged)
  • Offering FREE content that adds value to parents/families; use a “sign-up” to gather their info for future connection
  • Empower kids/students take the lead in creating online content; kids/students want to watch their peer's content

Action Items

  1. Check out 26 Online Engagement Ideas Post
  2. Think of your doorways – maximize them
  3. Check out New Digital Church

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