In this episode, Nick Ballard shares some of the shifts Harvester Church has made over the past five years in family ministry and in most recent days due to COVID-19. Kid's and student ministry looks different around the country, but everyone should be considering a few steps to take before regathering.

Nick Ballard

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Before COVID:

  • Focus on a year-long shift from students on Sunday mornings to Sunday evenings
  • 5 years of this plan
    • high schoolers sticking after graduation
    • students experiencing “the church” rather than just “their youth service”
    • students serving in multiple areas (beginning with 6th graders)
  • Student engagement and leadership has led to more young adults being involved and engaged with the church

During COVID:

  • Student ministry online

    • staying interactive through online chat during a “show”
    • keeping them engaged through groups online (mainly junior high)
  • Launched programming again in June/July
    • Phase 1: small groups in-person and moved off of Zoom (10% increase in numbers)
    • Phase 2: large group format (rotating weekends in homes and weekends on campus)
    • Future – Phase 3: getting back to normal in-person ministry
  • Camps still happening for students
  • Decided not to regather unless they opened with kids
    • soft launch of July 5th
    • some volunteers not comfortable coming back
    • still working towards having both an effective on-campus and online ministry experience

Action Items

  1. Thorough evaluation of your in-person plans
  2. Check out the resources Nick's church used
  3. Create in-person + online MUST have list

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