In this episode, Brittany Nelson gets real about their church's response to multiple staff testing positive for COVID and the adjustments they had to make in their kid's and youth ministry. Brittany also shares how her site Deeper Kidmin began and how she collaborates with and resources countless ministry leaders.

Brittany Nelson

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COVID Response in Youth/Kids Ministry:

  • Youth
    • Google Sites Bible Study: worship songs, Scripture, weekly zoom and Bible study
    • Sunday Nights on Zoom for High School, Wednesday Nights for Middle School
  • Kids
    • church-at-home approach
    • personal connection with families
    • equipping parents to lead
  • Changes to initial approach
    • Less Zoom, more Zoom hangouts
    • More interaction: JackBox, Netflix parties, MarioKart parties, less Bible and more fellowship
    • Some scoially-distances events since the end of May

COVID Journey:

  • 2-3 Staff tested positive
  • Email to the entire church: 2-3 staff tested positive
    • explained postponing services until cleared
    • no contact tracing
  • Not meeting now until September
    • with numbers rising, decision to reevaluate after Labor Day

Deeper Kidmin:

  • Began as a blog and an outlet for ministry ideas
  • Free downloads are given every Friday
  • Celebrate and Highlight creative ideas from ministry leaders
    • Leadership, Life and Ministry
    • Volunteer Training Events
    • Christmas and Easter Lessons
    • On-screen games
    • Back-to-school Prayer Journal
  • Others Contribute
    • Leaders who have their own blogs
    • Creative ideas from ministry leaders


Action Items

  1. Create your church comm plan if someone is positive
  2. Check out Deeper Kidmin
  3. Check out Ministry Boost – Your Ministry Boxed

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