In this episode, Beth Cunningham from Church of the Highlands gives some practical steps to thriving in kid's ministry in the midst of change. Beth also shares what shifts they have made to continuing partnering with families and utilizing growth track to support kid's ministry.

Beth Cunningham

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Highlands Kids Overview:

  • Elementary (1st-5th), Preschool (Babies-Kinder), Guest Services, Special Needs (accommodation ministry)
  • Small Groups minded
  • Creating environments through the lens of parents (5 values)
    • Easy drop-off
    • Safe and Clean environment (has to “feel” this way, not just “look” this way)
    • Church Ambassadors (bigger picture for volunteers; major connection with families and church enthusiasts)
    • Learning something
    • Picking up a happy child

Shifts to weekend experience:

  • Creating experiences with short bytes of video, or shorter segments during live services
  • Continuing online experience even though they have gathered
  • Adjusting to an “individual” mindset with each ministry area, rather than preparing things for groups

How Growth Track supports kid's ministry:

  • Bringing great people onto volunteer teams (Dream Teams)
  • Excitement for kid's as they begin to serve
  • Prompts conversations with families about “growth track” for kids and recognizing their unique purpose

Action Items

  1. Check out Highlands Kids Curriculum and Download Highlands Kids Resouces
  2. Think about “Growth Track” for kids and students
  3. Think through online and in-person kidmin

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