In this episode, Clent Wells shares some of the key insights that have led to James River Kids being so successful on Instagram. The kid's ministry at James River Church has been intentional with using their social media as a support for their weekend vision and to prompt multiple connections between kid's and parents throughout the week.

Clent Wells

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How do you create great social media for kids/families?

  • Recruit great people who can create a great team
  • Look for ways to extend engagement
  • Create moments on the weekend that kids keep talking about, but realize that social media can support that overall vision (multiple connection points throughout the week)
  • Engage through shorter connection points for kids and parents during the week

What channels do you use for social media?

  • Instagram (primarily), Facebook, Youtube
  • The target audience is parents (marketing to moms)
  • Look for ways to mimic what is working on social media and bring excitement to your “church brand”

Tips and Tricks:

  • Their philosophy is to be a CHAMPION for the church, pointing toward one focus for the family
  • Utilize it for event promotion, capture attention and give information
  • Find an owner for the look and feel of your strategy
  • The strategy needs to fit in line with the mission/vision of the overall church

How did you shift and adjust with COVID and now returning to campus?

  • Made the shift to using online presence to move people toward gathering in-person
  • Created a format that leaves kids wanting more, whether online or in-person

Action Items

  1. Check out James River Kids IG
  2. Start kid's ministry Instagram
  3. Make highlights to help orient parents

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