In this episode, Mallory Wright from Mosiac Church gives a behind-the-scenes look at their very successful YouTube content for kids and families. Each week, Mosiac uses video content to connect with families, prompt meaningful interactions with kids and parents, and champion the ministry of the entire church.

Mallory Wright

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A little bit about Mosaic:

  • Pre-COVID – 354 kids babies thru 5th grade (about a 50/50 split from preschool to elementary)
  • Large space for elementary
  • Preschool split up into 8 rooms

What pivots were made as you moved to YouTube?

  • Lead Pastor led the charge in reaching families through online content
  • Used Orange curriculum, but modify the hosting portions, intros, and outros
  • Created studio with unused space
  • Elementary vids average 30 minutes; preschool average 15 minutes in length
  • Utilizing small group leaders and production teams to film and produce
  • Prompted parents with discussion questions at the end of videos
  • Midweek re-releases on YouTube of the Orange videos
  • Midweek releases of weekly videos (Ex: hotdog races), but prompting kids/parents to engage with the videos by answering questions

Tips and Tricks for engaging volunteers and promoting YouTube content:

  • Utilizing large group volunteers to edit scripts, staff reviews, then schedule filming
  • Leverage videographer professional to record, but use whatever talent you have
  • Cross-posting on church YouTube channel with Kids content (prompt to subscribe whenever possible)
  • Make the content relevant to today and tomorrow
  • Use this as a platform to promote other social links
  • Learned NOT to engage kids through the comments
  • Mostly kids watching without parents
  • Take calculated risks; try new stuff

Action Items

  1. Check out Mosaic Kids on YouTube
  2. Get your kid's content on YouTube
  3. Build up your subscriber base

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