In this episode, Todd Lesher gives some practical ways to build guiding principles and culture for family ministry both online or in person. Todd also shares some of the adjustments his church made along the way as they returned to in-person ministry and the ways they have stayed relationally connected with kids and students.

Todd Lesher

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Learnings going to online ministry:

  • HUSTLE – kids and students online, but had to figure out connecting interpersonally through a screen
  • Kids did online content and some supplemental Zoom groups
  • Students did Zoom, Kahoot, Q&A Live on Instagram
  • Family Ministry Game Nights for the whole family


Adjustments back to on-campus ministry:

  • Needed to know what volunteers were coming back
  • RSVP system
  • Updated cleaning procedures
  • Weekend Family experience for Preschool age
    • Started with First Look lesson in preschool environments, then broadcast the message from the main room for the rest of the service
  • Small changes to policies and procedures
  • Take ownership of the ones who are coming to service – taking advantage of the opportunity to serve them


Values and Decision-making principles (THE HOME PLATE):

  • Work prayer into your work
    • should be the first and the last thing we do
    • easy to be “in the business” of God's work instead of joining Him in His work
    • schedule this time and make it a routine to develop consistency
  • Be relational with all, but intentional with a few
    • modeled after Christ; core group of 12 and His “few”
    • pray for people by name – relational
    • empower others to be relational because you can't do it all – intentional
    • intentionally use your platforms proactively to be relational
  • Celebrate steps
    • celebrating the decisions people make in their faith journey that are worth celebrating
      • not only salvation/conversion or baptism
      • returning kids
      • people who have taken action steps that were prompted
  • Look for potential, not perfection
    • getting back to basics, but trying new things
    • give some keys to the next generation to lead
    • “I'd rather take a risk on a student or a child than not give them a chance”
  • Help everyone succeed
    • ask – how can I become an advocate for each area of ministry within your church?

Action Items

  1. Work prayer into your work
  2. Come up with relational ways to re-engage with kids/students
  3. Make your own “code” or culture

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