In this episode, Jamey Dickens gives some background to his church-planting journey at East Cobb Church and his unique leadership role as the lead pastor. Jamey also has a long history of communicating to youth and he shares some of his most helpful tips for speaking in youth ministry.

Jamey Dickens

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Keys for healthy church-planting:

  • A genuine and invested launch team
  • Health
    • Financially
    • Church culture
  • The mission is front and center
  • Collaboration with other local churches and ministries


Student Ministry:

  • Effective communication to students requires you to communicate often
  • Preparation, execution, and evaluation
  • Be ruthless about having a straight line with your content
    • what you start with connects to what you finish with
    • be clear
  • Do you need more engine, or do you need more brakes?
    • plan the moments you slow down
    • plan the moments you bring the fire
  • Communication evolves
  • Be you; don't try to be someone else
  • Discover who you are
  • Review:
    • listen to it and watch it
    • work on your application
    • ask the right people (not just your critics and not just your fans)


Action Items

  1. Self-scout your own communication
  2. Come up with a plan to change up your flow
  3. Invest in who is there – do something this week

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