In this episode, Dana Williams gives a behind the scenes look into her ministry of partnering with parents through online strategies. Dana shares years of family ministry experience and how that has led to some very intentional conversations around the social media strategies used within her ministry, Table112.

Dana Williams

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  • Focused on creating a space to encourage parents = When parents live inspired, kids thrive
  • 112 = number of hours left in a week (after sleep) where you choose who you become
  • Romans 1:12
  • Social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, 2-minute Tuesday (Youtube), and IGTV.
  • Rhythm:
    • Shifts from season-to-season
    • Intentional time each day
    • Use what works to engage and attract people


What changes have been made due to the current season:

  • People need hope
    • Don't just look to inform or entertain – look for ways to give hope
    • Privacy is different from authenticity (use discretion, but be personal)


Online Strategies through Table112:

  • Encourage parents by starting with themselves (start with me)
  • Partner in community (widen the circle as parents)
  • Empower parents to engage their kids (foster meaningful conversations)
    • Hooks/Hangers for guiding conversations: Identity, Faith, Integrity, Compassion

Action Items

  1. Subscribe to Dana's Podcast through her Website
  2. Find 1 way to connect with parents online
  3. Feature some conversations with parents in your church

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