In this episode, Adam Weber shares some personal revelation about how to love people who are different and how that has impacted his personal ministry. Adam also tells some personal stories of how God has used small moments for a big impact.

Adam Weber

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Love Has A Name:

  • Came from a season of life where he didn't want to love anyone
  • Wanted to stay in bitterness, but Jesus wouldn't let him
  • Switched from thinking about all the people who have wronged him to people who have loved him
  • Rather than shut down conversations, embrace difficult conversations
  • Rather than avoiding those who are different, seek them out, especially those who think differently


  • Prayer: “Lord, help me to cross paths with at least one person today to show the love of Jesus to”
  • The things we think are really big are actually really small things
  • The things we think are really small are actually really big things
    • Do more of those type of things
    • If not, we may miss out on some of the most important moments


Action Items

  1. Get the book – Love Has A Name
  2. Find one person who is different
  3. Listen to The Conversation with Adam Weber podcast

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