A digital church strategy is an absolute MUST for every ministry. Actually, the goal, in the end, would be to simply have a church strategy and digital is part of it. However, until that is the case, creating a separate digital strategy for your church is critical. Almost every church has the potential to reach far more people online than they do in their facilities, and the two can work together. We can reach people online, help them take steps, and eventually they can attend and connect in-person.

I created this resource to help your church find and utilize the BEST online tools and apps for creating your digital strategy. I have used the vast majority of these tools and apps in my online businesses or at my church, and in most cases, both.

The New Digital Church

Most of these tools and apps are discussed as part of my course, The New Digital Church. I talk about how to use them as part of creating a digital ministry strategy for your church.

Whether you decide to take the course or not, this free guide is designed to help you learn about the tools and apps that are out there, learn how they can be used for churches, and get my opinion on which options are preferred. Every church needs a digital strategy and I hope you'll learn about and utilize some of the tools and apps in this guide in your church.

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