In this episode, Kevin Harris from the non-profit Radical Mentoring shares the heart behind the free mentoring resources they are able to provide to churches and ministry leaders. Kevin also explains some of the unique ways to consider implementing some type of mentoring structure that supports the family ministry of the church.

Kevin Harris

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Overview of Radical Mentoring:

  • Holding men to a higher commitment in regard to their faith
  • 12-month mentoring season with a deep commitment, 3 hours per month
  • Creating a process for other organizations to use as a plan for mentoring/discipleship
  • If men are known, the conversations flow much more easily
  • Created as a supplemental resource and guide
    • Important for people to continue to regular groups

How can a church implement this?

  • Start slow: broad advertisement could water it down
  • Not exclusive, but created through “shoulder-touch” involvement (inviting people personally)
  • Referral process once people who have gone through the mentoring

How can this apply and how does it impact Family Ministry?

  • Benefits the “dads” within the church
  • Churches that are “growing young” are placing key discipleship-focused relationships in the lives of the next generation
  • Mentoring = Discipleship

Similar option for Women's Ministry – Known Collective

Action Items

  1. Check out Radical Mentoring – get resources
  2. Start one mentoring group
  3. Apply the concept to leadership development like NP

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