the volunteer playbook

Want to recruit more volunteers and build a thriving team for the ministry you lead? The Volunteer Playbook gives you a proven framework to help your church recruit, train, and empower more volunteers. 

The Volunteer Playbook

Most churches have a volunteer problem. That problem is holding back their ministry and their church. The trouble is, it's not one problem. It's a collection of issues that all have a negative impact on volunteerism in your church.

The Volunteer Playbook is a proven framework to help your church recruit, train, and empower more volunteers. Run the plays outlined in the book, and you can turn volunteerism from a frustration to fuel for your ministry.

About The Book

What’s inside


Volunteer Recruiting 5-Part Framework

A proven system to recruit volunteers


The 4 Elements of a Strong Ministry Foundation

Clarify the core components of your ministry


The Secret Sauce

A simple, yet powerful practice that solves many volunteer challenges


An Onboarding Plan That Works

A process that helps new volunteers stick


8 Game Changers for Leading Volunteers

The eight factors that have the most impact


On-Ramps & Boosts

Ideas to jump-start and supplement ongoing volunteer recruitment


Increase Commitment

A 5-phase plan to boost volunteer commitment

Table of Contents


Section 1

Start Recruiting Weekly
  • 5-Part Recruiting Framework
  • Leverage the VCR
  • Orientations That Recruit
  • A 5-Step Onboarding Plan

Section 2

Build the Foundation
  • The Mission, Vision, & Strategy
  • Creating a Healthy Culture

Section 3

Structure for Growth
  • Structure to Give Ministry Away
  • Volunteer Coaches Who Lead Like Staff
  • Clarify Roles

Section 4

Empower Volunteers
  • A Clear & Consistent Communication Plan
  • A Year-Long Strategy for Training Volunteers
  • Volunteer Huddles – The Secret Sauce
  • Three Leadership Imperatives

Section 5

Boost Recruitment
  • Remove Barriers to Volunteer Recruitment
  • Volunteer Recruiting On-Ramps & Boosts
  • Frequency – Increase Volunteer Commitment
  • Get Students Serving



The Volunteer Playbook will help you recruit more volunteers. You'll learn how to recruit at the ground level while you improve your volunteer culture by focusing on the foundation, structure, and leadership.

About the author

Nick and his wife Jennifer have been married for nearly two decades and are blessed with 3 amazing kids. Nick serves as the NextGen Pastor at Community Christian Church in Baltimore, MD. He and Jennifer were part of the launch team for the church when it started in 2006.

Nick's dream is to help churches reach their full potential, and he seeks to do that by providing resources, coaching, and consulting for church leaders through and

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