In this episode, I interview NextGen Pastor, Allyson Evans, of Life.Church. Allyson and I dive into the specifics of leadership development and what it looks like to apprentice, train, and invest in the next generation of leaders.

Allyson Evans

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

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Open.Life.Church – Check out Life.Church‘s leadership development resources

Life.Church AxiomsLife.Church Mission, Purpose, and ValuesLife.Church Vision and Values

Releasing Leaders – A PowerPoint presentation on how to help your leaders inspire, invest in, and develop volunteers

Volunteer Development Guide – This helps your leaders answer the question, “What's my role in volunteer development?” and outlines the four principles that guide leadership development at Life.Church

Leadership XP – Life.Church's internship program for developing young leaders

NextGen Volunteer Onboarding Process

  1. Cast vision of your ministry to potential volunteer
  2. Process background check
  3. Potential volunteer attends NextGen orientation
  4. Cast deeper vision about level of volunteer commitment
  5. Send them into the environment of their choice to shadow for 2-3 weeks
  6. Coach follows up after shadowing experience
  7. Placement

Children's Ministry & Youth Ministry Staff & Volunteer Ratios Survey – Take the survey and get the full results of this study on the staff and volunteer ratios it takes to do ministry effectively

Action Items

  1. Create a list of axioms for leadership development at your church
  2. Be intentional about one-on-one meetings and conversations
  3. Implement a leadership structure or pipeline. Listen to next week's episode to hear practical steps you can take to do this.

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Next Episode: Todd Adkins

In the next episode, I interview Todd Adkins of LifeWay Leadership. LifeWay Leadership hosts an annual conference and has put out a free ebook about leadership pipelines to help churches be intentional about great leadership. We talk specifically about what a leadership pipeline is, how it is used, and what it takes to practically develop one in your ministry.