In this episode, I talk with Annette Safstrom about her book, Sustainable Children's Ministry. Annette shares Ministry Architect's findings as it pertains to budget, staffing, and volunteer norms for children's ministry and how we can always be working to grow our volunteer teams.

Annette Safstrom

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Staffing & Volunteer Ratios Survey

Click here to view the results of the survey I did concerning staff and volunteer ratios to determine how you compare as a church.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Sustainable Children's Ministry

Sustainable Youth Ministry

Episode 028: Staff, Volunteer & Budget Benchmarks for Children's & Youth Ministry With Anthony Prince

Ministry Ratios & Benchmarks

  1. $1000/kid/year
  2. One full time equivalent staff member for every 75 kids
  3. 1 volunteer for every 5 kids that attend weekly
  4. 15% of the worshipping congregation is kids

Recruiting Volunteers

  1. Pray
  2. Start early
  3. Make a list of needs
  4. Ask people if they are going to be on the team for the coming year
  5. Make a list of prospective volunteers
  6. Rank the list of volunteers using WEB (With kids, Behind the scenes, Everywhere)
  7. Put names next to roles you would most like certain prospects to have
  8. Start asking
  9. Follow up

Action Items

  1. Get the book, Sustainable Children's Ministry
  2. Download the survey for volunteer and staff ratios and see how your church compares to other churches
  3. Create a simple plan for how you're going to use this information about staff and volunteer numbers

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