In this episode, my friend Andrae Jones talks about kidmin online and in-person, what they have learned and some unique experience they created during COVID. Andrae also shares about his church's recent return to in-person services and how they have won the heart of their volunteers.

Andrae Jones

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Kidmin Online at One Church:

  • Online programming – full video
  • Video content launched Saturday evenings
  • Online groups during Sunday mornings
  • Midweek message for kids, going deeper into the weekend content


Student Ministry Online at One Church:

  • Online programming – full video
  • Separate content for Junior High and High School
  • Groups online, but in-person options coming soon


Volunteer Opportunities during COVID:

  • Tutoring Team (30)
  • Care Call Team (10)
  • Digital Experience Team
  • Virtual Small Group Team (65)
  • Engagement Team – Youtube and Facebook interactions through groups (20)


Party in Place:

  • In response to Seniors not having prom, and other events not being able to take place
  • Friday Night Experience – ONLINE ONLY
  • Giveaways
  • Worship
  • Connections
  • Allowing kids/students to be visible


Additional Resources:

Action Items

  1. Recruit to digital and in-person roles
  2. Make care call team
  3. Try virtual groups

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