In this episode, I talk with Kurt Brodbeck about his church's family framework for partnering with parents through transitions and milestones. Kurt walks through the different components of their framework, the vision behind each step, and how they set parents up to have conversations with their kids.

Kurt Brodbeck

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Northview Church

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Episode 134: 6 Milestones and Transitions to Celebrate with Parents with Matt Morgan

Episode 137: Building a Preteen Ministry with Zach Matchett

Northview Church Family Framework Website

Bible Presentation Parent Guide

Bible Presentation Student Guide

Faith Commitment and Baptism Parent Guide

Faith Commitment and Baptism Student Guide

Family Framework Brochure

Parenting Beyond Your CapacityReggie Joiner talks about how to connect your family to a wider community of people

The Blessing – Gary Smalley talks about the 5 elements of receiving a “blessing” and that dynamic between kids and their parents

Orange Conference – Register and let me know if you're coming!

Action Items

  1. Check out the Family Framework
  2. Evaluate what you currently do
  3. Determine what your one next step is going to be

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