In this episode, I talk with Jeff Cochran of YMLead. Jeff and I talk about leadership development and the system his team uses to develop ministry leaders. He sharethe different components of their plan and how they move people from one level to the next. These principles apply across the board in Children’s and Student Ministry.

Jeff Cochran

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Faith Promise Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

#Goals – Download your free copy of the eBook here

Training Videos – Check out the teaching the team at Faith Promise uses as they train, onboard, and develop ministry leaders

  • Week 1: Intro Video
  • Week 2: Volunteer Manual
  • Week 3: Apprenticeship 
  • Week 4: Counseling Book

New Volunteer Checklist – A sheet for tracking where a volunteer is in the assimilation process

New Volunteer Application – The application prospective volunteers are given

Volunteer Assimilation Manual – Detailed outline of the volunteer assimilation process used at Faith Promise

Volunteer Training Manual – The manual prospective volunteers are given that describes the mission, vision, and values of the ministry, along with roles, responsibilities, and details about all the moving parts of the ministry

Counseling Booklet – How to lead a student to Christ, answer tough questions, and handle crises

Apprentice Training with Answers – What the apprenticeship program looks like and why it's important

Coaches' Checklist – A list of weekly responsibilities and best practices for coaches

Leaders' Checklist – A list of weekly responsibilities and best practices for leaders

Apprenticeship Model

  1. I do, you watch, we talk
  2. I do, you help, we talk
  3. You do, I help, we talk
  4. You do, I watch, we talk

Action Items

  1. Download the eBook #Goals and walk through it with your team
  2. Define what your leadership pipeline looks like currently or begin creating one
  3. Document your processes and systems. Recruit a volunteer to do this for you over time.
  4. Evaluate how you currently recruit and develop ministry leaders. Consider making one of your goals for the New Year to hone your volunteer assimilation and onboarding processes. Check out all the resources above as a starting point for developing these processes.

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