In this episode, I talk with Adam Duckworth about volunteers. Adam has co-authored two books with Sue Miller, Not Normal: Seven Quirks of Incredible Volunteers and Leading Not Normal Volunteers. He shares key principles and practices from these, and what it takes to build a culture for not normal volunteers. Adam then dives into what he's learning from coaching and networking with other ministry leaders, and how what he's learning can help you as you lead.

Adam Duckworth

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Links Mentioned in This Episode


Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast, Episode 092: Start-Up Church…Lessons from the Trenches of Church Planting With Adam Duckworth and John Garippa

Carey Niewhof Leadership Podcast, Episode 160: Dr. Henry Cloud on What All High Performing Leaders Have in Common, Investing in Yourself and Overcoming Dysfunction in Your Church

Not Normal: Seven Quirks of Incredible VolunteersHelping volunteers lead in a not normal way that will help them grow in their faith and reach more people for Jesus

Leading Not Normal VolunteersA resource with five practical steps for leaders to help them lead their volunteers to implement the seven quirks

Leading Volunteers Coaching – Apply to be a part of Adam and Sue's next coaching group (Starts Wednesday,  January 17). Check out the schedule of topics below:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Vision casting
  3. Coaching structure
  4. Maintaining volunteers
  5. Making volunteering fun
  6. Wrong fits & what to do
  7. Organization & structure
  8. Owners & renters
  9. Training for volunteers
  10. Volunteer stories

Barriers to Volunteering

  1. One-service model
  2. Lack of vision–leading out of desperation
  3. Not asking for what you really need
  4. Fear of addressing wrong fits

NextGen Staff Solutions – Work with Jim Wideman to start asking key questions about whether or not you should stay or go, and to help you determine the role and church that would be the best fit for you

Developing Leaders and Building a Coaching Structure (Blog Posts)

How to Structure for Growth in Ministry

How a Volunteer Leadership Pipeline Can Grow Your Team & Church

Our Plan for Developing Leaders of Leaders in Ministry

The 6 Things We Value in Our Family Ministry Coaches

Developing Leaders and Building a Coaching Structure (Podcast Episodes)

NBFMP002: Frank Bealer on Volunteers Who Lead Like Staff

NBFMP023: Carey Nieuwhof on Conversations That Will Help Grow Your Church

NBFMP027: Tom Shefchunas on Volunteer Coaches and Metrics in Ministry

NBFMP032: Jeff Cochran on Leadership Development

NBFMP041: Leadership Development at Life.Church With Allyson Evans

NBFMP043: Empowering Leaders and Giving Up Control With Lenny Moore

NBFMP053: Q & A With Your Questions From the Year

Action Items

  1. Check out Not Normal: Seven Quirks of Incredible Volunteers and Leading Not Normal Volunteers
  2. Consider joining Sue and Adam's Leading Volunteers Coaching group in January
  3. Decide if you are in the right spot. Ask yourself: Is this where God is going to use me best?
  4. Lead with vision. Is there something you can do this week to lead with vision, instead of desperation?
  5. Begin developing a coaching structure. Check out the resources above to help you as you start thinking through that.

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